LPG Refills

LPG Refills

Where to refill your LPG tanks:

Holiday RV and Marine is the only Propane refill facility in Key Largo. We can refill your LPG tanks, forklift tanks, or your motorhome. Please make sure to check our hours of operation to ensure we will be open when you come.

Refills vs Exchange

Virtually all of the tank exchange companies only fill your tank to 15 lbs - which is only three quarters of the full capacity. They started doing this when the price of propane went up with gas prices several years ago. This saved the propane companies money. After complaints, they do now list that the tanks are filled to 15 lbs, but very few people are going to realize this. They try to sell it as a feature. "Tanks filled to 15 lbs!" Ask 20 people who exchange a tank, and I'll bet 18 of them don't realize that the tank is under-filled, even if they do read the "notice".

The price of propane went back down. Did they go back to refilling the tanks to 20 lbs? No, they are still at 15 lbs. No company will be the first to go back to full because they know that the very few consumers would notice, and it would put them at a competitive price disadvantage.

Don't overpay for gas...refill your tanks with us!